6 hand gestures on a leopard print background
6 hand gestures on a leopard print background
Hand wooden gesture female hand cut out
Peace sign, victory V hand gesture made from wood
Hand Gesture Cut Outs -  option
Wooden cut out peace hands for sale . Wall Art
Middle finger gesture wooden cut out shape. Female hand
Rock On, Devil Horns hand gesture wooden cut out
It's tiny or it's this big hand gesture. Wooden plywood laser cut out
OK Hand Gesture made from plywood. Wall decor
Vintage Pointing Hand, Victorian direction hand. Wooden Hand

Hand Gesture Cut Outs


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Wooden hand gestures - choice of 6

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Fancy making a statement without saying a word? Our 15cm hand gestures can help you make your point!  

Choose from 'peace fingers', 'middle finger (aka up yours!) , 'rock on', 'measure up', 'it's tiny' or 'OK' gestures. 

If you can't decide you can buy a set of all 6 (one of each).  Please note, the set does NOT contain the pointing hand, If you would like your own combination of hands, please leave us a note of the style and quantity in the personalisation box.  

Our shapes are left blank for you to decorate - we recommend a base coat of white paint before applying your chosen colour. You can colour these with felt tip, pencils, crayon, spray paint or decoupage.  



Approximately 13-15cm tall, the pointing hand is 20cm.


Use a dust mask when sanding.