Elbury Deckchair

Junior deckchair
Happy kid sat in deckchair
Happy kid sat in deckchair
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Elbury Deckchair - - Junior deckchair option
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Elbury Deckchair

Junior deckchair

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A small but beautifully crafted child's deckchair, the Elbury is a wooden deck chair suitable for a 5 to 11-year-old. 

The junior sized chair is built from sustainably sourced wood (merpauh), and just like the Bantham chair, it comes with safety bolts which hold the chair in a fixed position, meaning less risk of squished fingers from inquisitive hands. The Elbury junior deckchair is the perfect addition to a playhouse, reading corner or for joining in around the campfire at night. 

The scratch resistant high quality fabric means the Elbury deck chair is suitable for use indoors and out, all year round. 

Product Care
  • Size unfolded - 76(l) x 49(w) x 68cm(h)
  • Size folded - 103(l) x 49(w) x 4cm(h)
  • Elbury Deckchair weighs approximately 4kg
  • Enough space for 1 child comfortably
  • Suitable for a 5 - 11-year-old.
  • We recommend that the weight load on the Elbury Deckchair doesn't exceed 45kg
  • Supplied by a UK company
  • PEFC certified
  • Teak oiled hardwood
  • Complete with safety bolts to secure the chair when unfolded
  • Regularly check the chair for any signs of general wear and tear, particularly in the seating area.
  • Over time the fixings can become loose. Routinely check and tighten them.
  • All elements of your deckchair are designed for outdoor use, however keeping it inside or undercover when not in use will extend its life.
  • Wood is a natural product, so is prone to expand and contract due to moisture, this may cause cracks to appear.
  • Fabric is prone to wear and fading when it is being regularly used and exposed to the elements for long periods.
  • Keep your fabric clean using fresh water and a gentle brush. For more stubborn ingrained dirt use some warm water (below 30°C) and a mild soap solution making sure to rinse thoroughly after.
  • Do not use chlorine or bleach based products, or a pressure washer on your deckchair.
  • Always allow your deckchair to dry naturally. For best results we recommend re-proofing after cleaning, with a product such as Fabsil Universal Protector.
  • Ensure your deckchair is completely dry before putting it into storage, this will prevent mould and mildew.
  • We recommend checking every aspect of your chair daily, or prior to each use, so any damage is noticed quickly and can be acted upon.
  • Children (and pets) should always be supervised by an adult. The Deckchair is a chair and not a climbing frame, slide or trampoline.
  • We strongly suggest not exceeding the weight limit of Elbury 45kg
  • Ensure the chair is unfolded, stowed and secured correctly before use to prevent injury.
  • Take care not to catch hands/fingers in the hinges when folding or unfolding the chair.
  • Customers use the chair at their own risk.