Mon 13th Jul 2020 16:04


We are very excited to announce that we have added what3words to our checkout page to give you a smoother delivery experience.

Postcodes and street addresses often don’t lead couriers to the right place. If your business or home address has multiple entrances or is located in the countryside, where postcodes cover large areas, you’ve probably had difficulties receiving deliveries to your address. That's why we’re using what3words – so that couriers always know exactly where to deliver. Every 3m square across the globe has been given a unique combination of three words. For example, our front door can be found at ///chairs.facing.dust, which I'm sure you'll agree is quite on point!

It means you can confidently receive your deliveries hassle-free and without giving drivers extra instructions over the phone. Simply provide a what3words address at checkout to make sure your order arrives exactly where you need it.

Learn how to find your what3words address here: