Don’t bin your old inner tubes, we’re collecting them!

Fri 22nd May 2020 11:23

We recently announced on social media the exciting news that Giant Deckchairs & Friends HQ is now an official collection point for bike inner tubes! Why? Well, it's quite simple really, we HATE waste and have a big warehouse, there is nowhere else in Devon and Cornwall registered with Cycle of Good, and our founder, Ben, is a keen cyclist.  


Cycle of Good, a registered charity, train tailors in Malawi to make quality goods handcrafted from old bicycle inner tubes. This enables the tailors to learn life skills, earn a decent living, and support their families.


The inner tubes are recycled into an extensive range of accessories from wallets and belts, to straps for bags made from other recycled materials, like coffee sacks.


All the money made from the sale of the items they make is used for childcare and non-profit social enterprise in Malawi. That’s why it’s called the Cycle of Good!


Our warehouse on Marsh Barton is open Monday to Friday for you to drop off your inner tubes, or at the weekend you can leave them outside on the hook. We are here to accept single donations from individuals, batches collected over time from cycling groups, or bulk donations from cycling shops. However we receive them, we just want to avoid them going to landfill. 

The Cycle of Good Guide to inner tube recycling:

Any size

Any size, any shape! Skinny tubes from road bikes, chunky tubes from mountain bikes, tubes from tiny tots’ bikes; we love them all!

No slime Please!

It is just super messy!


Tubes with puncture patches are great too, in fact they add character. The more puncture patches the merrier!


We accept tubes with or without valves, but we are currently trying to think of a way of upcycling those too.

When we have a large amount, we will send these directly onto Cycle of Good for them to start the next part of their exciting journey. 

If you are local to us here in Exeter, please get involved, or if you’re further afield visit the Cycle of Good website for your nearest donation point. This is a great initiative to be a part of, and we can’t wait to receive our first inner tube drop off!