Our Design process

Fri 22nd May 2020 10:46

We take great pride in designing our own fabric prints, meaning each design on our website is unique to us, and you won't find them anywhere else!

Alex, our in-house designer has a background in sculpture and fabrication, working on everything from animatronics to welding. Her super creative nature, coupled with a love of sci-fi and fantasy means she is the perfect person when it comes to making designs a reality. 

As a team we spend time discussing current trends, what we think would look great as a deckchair design and also general design ideas, then it's over to Alex to interpret those ideas into the completed fabric sling. She will thoroughly research an idea using the likes of Pinterest and Instagram along with books and magazines for inspiration and references. Once she has decided on an idea, she will sketch out a rough design on some scrap paper. Then when she is happy with the sketch, she will scan this and upload it to Adobe Illustrator, where she can start to refine the design and smooth the sketch into a more finished outline. 

The joy of using computer software means she can easily replicate parts of the design rather than having to redraw them each time. The computer manipulation also allows us to scale the design to fit each chair, ensuring you get the maximum amount of design per sling, not just an image stretched bigger to fit. 

When the design is on screen, we will look at an array of colours for the background and pick our favourite, or if we all like different ones then we will put it to a vote on one of our Instagram stories asking for your input. In some cases, depending on the design, we may do it in several different colour versions, for example our Monochrome Flowers.

When Alex is satisfied with the overall look and feel of the design, we will then pop it into a clever piece of software that allows us to mockup a 3D image which really brings the design to life (we are always happy to do this with your bespoke designs, so just ask). If we are happy everything sits in the correct position when overlaying our design template, then we will print one version of the sling. (the fabric bit you sit in). The test print is always added on to our usual print run so we aren’t turning on the printers unnecessarily for only one sling.

Once printed, the new design will be sewn and popped on a frame. This process allows us to double check where the stitch lines go, to ensure they don’t chop the design and also that it sits correctly when the dip in the chair is accounted for. The vast majority of the time, they look great and there is no adjustment needed, but on the odd occasion something doesn't look quite right, it’s back to the design for some tweaks. We are able to colour match clients’ requests for our bespoke slings using a Pantone or HEX reference, but sometimes with our own designs we readjust the colours, for example the colour might not be as imagined. Fear not, no sling is wasted during this process, they are often turned in to other things, like this fab cushion! 

Cushion made from recycled deckchair material

Whilst we don’t currently offer an inhouse design for our branded slings, we do have a handy guide to help you design your own, or to pass onto a design company to create on your behalf. We are always on hand with help and advice, and can offer fabric sample prints if you want to double check how the colours in your design will look. We hope in the future to be able to offer this service, so look out for updates. 

In the meantime, we love to hear your thoughts on our slings, along with your suggestions on what we should be designing, so keep in touch via Facebook, Instagram or email