We use fabric that has pleasant handling characteristics and is made to be outdoors. It is durable, rot resistant, highly water repellent, weatherproof, highly light-fast and shrink resistant.

We recommend that the weight load on the Giant Deckchair doesn't exceed 250kg.
When the chairs are laid flat for storage they measure approximately 240(l) x 146(w) x 10cm(h), the stays add an extra 10cm in height.
When in use they measure- 176(l) x 146(w) x 192cm(h).
The height of the front horizontal bar when unfolded is 80cm. The width of the fabric is 120cm. Enough for 2 adults comfortably, the third you'd have to be friendly with!
A Giant Deckchair weighs approximately 46kg and requires at least 2 people to move them. They are best unfolded by standing at the back of the chair and lifting the top straight up, ensuring the prop brace is stowed correctly behind the stays and locking it in position with the clip.
Giant Deckchair Dimensions
Giant Deckchair Dimensions

Our fabric manufacturer's continuous investments in its production lines have enabled it to incorporate modern technology and next-generation safety measures, allowing it to comply with its dual responsibility to society and to the environment. They contribute to environmental safety by using eco-friendly production processes and treating waste to prevent the degradation of the environment.

Safety Testing
Our Giant Deckchair Design has been tested to the following standards:

BS EN 581-1:2006
BS EN 1022:2005
BS EN 581-2:2009 Contract Level

The Fabric used on our Giant Deckchairs has been tested to the following standards:

Martindale Abrasion Test BS EN ISO 12947 pts 1-4
Tear Test BS EN ISO 13937-4
Colour Light Fastness Test BSEN ISO 105 B02

Maintenance & Safety
Maintenance and safety advice can be found in a PDF document by clicking on the link below.

Maintenance & Safety
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